The forgotten gift list

I've been very busy lately with work and family related stuff. I used to be good at acknowledging lots of things with the occasional note or gift.  As I've gotten busy, I've dropped the ball on lots of stuff -- not least of which is some thank you notes and acknowledgement gifts. So, here's my list of stuff I've forgotten -- it's not meant to be comprehensive: 

  • Jay Haynes - wedding gift and baby gift. I wanted to get you guys a nice dinner with or without me. At this point, it better be without me. 
  • Michael Oiknine - baby #4 gift. You set the standard of a loving relationship and adding a 4th child. OMG.  Harvard baby clothes might be in order. 
  • My daughter - for getting into Lakeside.  Gotta get a t-shirt from the school....or at least an itunes gift card. 
  • Mitch Brandow - baby #1 gift. Flowers for your wife, a bottle of wine or a kid insurance product might appropriate.
  • Schoeny -- for making a wise job choice.  A bag of Fortune cookies seems appropriate. 
  • Greg Gottesman - I owe you a thank you note
  • Erik Benson & Randall Lucas -- I know you're fans of wine but I don't know the first thing about it. I've been embarrassed to show my ignorance.  Belated christmas/ Hanukkah and appreciation gifts.
  • Geoff Entress -- Some theo chocolates because I think you're a sweet guy -- and I love doing deals with you. 
  • Brother Steve -- your birthday is in two days. I'll likely forget. Happy bday. Happy 40th bday to Christine too.
  • I'm realizing this list could go on and on....and probably should.  Lesson learned. I need to get better at sending these gifts real time.