Why late nights, tequila and ping pong are vital to your start up

While none of the things listed in the title of this post in particular matter; what matters is the spirit behind these things. It's important to develop, foster, and embrace startup culture.  And developing a strong culture of lightness and fun for a startup becomes more important to do this as time and a company march on.  Building a startup is hard work and the companies whose founders keep a spirit of fun about themselves and their work place have a higher likelihood of success in my opinion. 

I was recently talking an entrepreneur who has a profitably company that is approaching 3 years old. HIs company has been setting monthly revenue and profit high water marks each month this year. Yet, he was feeling melancholy and down. I told him that he needed to overcome the 3 year itch of a startup. I told him to go away for a week, get rejuvenated, set up fun things for himself and for his team to do over the next 12 months and that doing so was part of his job.