What Seattle startup scene needs?

Seattle needs:

...more big exits from Seattle technology companies

Picnik was nice.  But zillow, redfin, cheezeburger and others. It'd be good if we could get some companies exiting with greater than $100 million exit club. 

....more great entrepreneurial talent

This may be the thing that creates the above exits. And this may be the thing that the city needs most and is having the hardest time developing.  The UW is great - but Seattle can't compete with universities in Boston or San Francisco.   This single bullet point is the thing that attracted me most to doing TechStars in Seattle. Recruiting great entrepreneurial talent. 

....more great angel investors. 

Geoff Entress is the Ron Conway of Seattle. And the group of entrepreneurs we've pulled together at Founder's Co-op are active. But, Seattle needs more individuals willing to take the earliest stage risk associated with technology companies.  More angels investing money means a more vibrant early stage technology scene. 

....more awesome engineers

That are not trained by local HUGE companies. Or engineers that are determined to play with code and keep playing until they figure out stuff that works for people. There can never be enough talented technical people playing with codes driven to build things of value for people.  I'd particularly like to see Seattle capitalize on it's gaming roots and become a bigger player in the virtual economy space. The folks at Big Door Media are great -- but we need more cutting edge game companies.