Notes from second founder only meeting at Founder's Co-op

We had our second founder only meeting last night at Founder's Co-op.  You can see the video that was produced from the first meeting here. This meeting was even better. We had about 16 attendees. The agenda was the same as last meeting

  • Opening toast and optional shot of Maker's Mark
  • 1 word answer to how you are feeling right now
  • 3 minute update of business and personal high and low
  • open discussion

We really started to get into sharing around core issues of sales and marketing as well as partner dynamics (either hiring or firing).  At the end of the meeting, I asked what we could do better so attendees got even more value. People made the following observations:

  • Request for more regular meetings -- happy hour fridays so informal sharing and social building increases
  • Even though we share an office, actually sharing tactics and know how is hard. As people understand what each company does and what each founder knows, people are really excited to collaborate more!
  • Have focused meetings on specific topics like SEO, white labels, infographics, AWS, etc. 
  • Play more beer pong.