The first big door dinner meeting is in the books

Just returned from a lovely dinner with Brad Feld at Foundry Group, Keith Smith and Jeff Malek of Big Door.  The meeting had 2 bottles of wine, 7 plates of food, and 3 desserts. Good food and drink helped make the conversation flow. 

The meeting was interesting to me for a lot of reasons. First, from a big door investor perspective, I think Keith and Jeff are really onto something. The response from the market in terms of interest in what Big Door has built is awesome. It's made Keith giddy and busy just trying to keep up with responding to the interest. Now, the trick for the company is to figure out what the conversion rate is going to be of leads to customers and customers to revenue. A year from now, we should be able to look back and see what an ideal customer is and what the average expected lifetime value of a customer is. We'll also be able to state what makes a bad customer fit. All of these facts are very important to learn and all impossible to know today. So the conversation at dinner was about how best to deal with this ambiguity and at what rate to respond to what appears to be real demand in one's product. Brad made an interesting point that when demand is real entrepreneurs often make the mistake and constrain growth because of capital (i.e. they don't lean into demand enough). He's also seen entrepreneurs make the opposite mistake in the 90's -- spend in the absence of real demand. So the trick here is to figure out how real the demand is.... 

Second, as a person running RevenueLoan, the conversation was totally relevant to me there too. I've been impressed (not quite giddy) with the amount of interest and demand in our company and I found the conversation about Big Door instructive with how I should think about aggressively pursuing demand.