The latest from our friendly landlord

Given the amount of feedback on the last email from my landlord re: the office barbeque. I thought you'd enjoy seeing this email which I received today.  We had about 1 week of no hvac and a very warm (despite Seattle's current weather) almost hot office. 


It turned out that the second problem with the HVAC system was the result of your people on site fooling around with the thermostat.  We had previously set them and locked them up and they were locked again by the tech after his first visit.  After the tech was there the first day some of your people took it upon themselves to unlock the system and reset it on their own, with the result that it did not work properly.  Some of the people on site admitted to the HVAC tech that they had gone online and researched the info on how to break through the lockout.  The result this was a second visit to the site for a cost of $328.50.  Please send a check in that amount payable to the ...... to my attention and instruct the workers on-site that they are not to do this again in the future.

Any suggestions on responses ?