Maker's Mark vs. Patron: Founder's Co-op defining drink dilemma

Yesterday, we had our now regular all monthly Founder's Meeting at the Founder's Co-op offices. It. was a really good meeting!  At the start of the two hour meeting, I declared that Founder's Co-op and the Founder's meeting were different -- we're different than other "investors" and "venture capitalists" and one way to signify the difference is by making drinking bourbon as a part of the investor-founder meeting. 

The only problem was -- yesterday afternoon before the meeting when we went out looking for bourbon nearby -- all we could find was bourbon. So I took a shot of Patron....and liked it. So, now -- big decision for next meeting is to stick with Maker's Mark or switch to Patron? Decisions!

Why is having a defining drink important to Founder's Co-op?  I'm reminded of my first start-up in Cambridge -- we were called abuzz technologies. We used to work all hours of the day and night in the mid 90's and then climb on top of our building and sit on the roof top and drink whiskey. I'll never forget the freedom and fun and bonding of the founding team that occurred on those nights. Having a defining drink at Founder's Co-op is an homage to that memory. I also think it sets the right tone for sharing at the founder's event -- not everything that is shared is glory and victory... and it's important to have a forum for those conversations. Even if you don't drink -- Chris and I do and will start the meetings off with a toast to that kind of meeting. And --No -- you don't have to drink to be part of Founder's Co-op....but you do have to understand the spirit of having a defining spirit (pun intended).