Important life ritual - the college ski trip

Spent last weekend with 3 guys from college. We all attended Brown University and graduated in 1990. Starting in 2002, we began an annual weekend ski trip. This photo below is from our 8th annual get together last weekend. This simple ritual has become an increasing important and amazing marker in time in my own life and in the life of our collective friendship.  When we started getting together, I believe I was the only one married and had one child. Today, we're all married and have 10 kids in aggregate. It's the regular check in as life progresses and the accumulated history that makes the ritual so rich.  

All this is to say -- I had a great weekend this past weekend. We skied at Snow Basin for 3 days. The weekend was filled with skiing, competitive bowling on the wii, alcohol, food, massages, hot tubs, and good conversation. Thanks to my friends for making this ritual a priority -- I love you man.  

SLC ski weekend