Vacation value

I returned this week from a week long vacation to Whitefish, MT.  We went with 2 other families and spent the week snowboarding and skiing.  I didn't check voice mails or emails very much if at all. We'd ski all day until three or four o'clock, go home sit in the hot tub, have dinner, watch Olympics and go to bed.   

It was a relatively simple holiday -- but I found my head clear up and was able to think with perspective after a few mad rushes down the mountain.  Much of the perspective came from just doing something other than regular routine of work. 

I'm excited to be back at work and feel like I'm going to have a busy year. TechStars is going to be ramping up next month.  We're closing a number of deals at Founder's Co-op.  More to come -- I need to ramp my blogging back up too!