Great online promotions

Seth Godin mentioned Judy's Book today. Not sure how he heard about us -- but I've long been a fan of Seth Godin's work and back to 1996 when he was at Yoyodyne and was one of the early masters of online promotions.

I'm trying to come up with a great contest to promote Judy's Book....

Today I heard about a great online promotion by a t-shirt company. They are running a "best political slogan" contest to be printed on their t-shirts. Internet users everywhere are writing slogans and then voting on the best slogans. One of the more unique thus far : "Vote for abstinence in 2004; no bush, no dick"

It makes me think about other great online contests that business are running to get people to contribute and spread the word. If you've got some to suggest -- please let me know.