To infinity and beyond and other bedtime rituals

I spoke with my brother Larry today. He had to call me back because he needed to put my nephews to bed. It was 4PM PST (i.e. 7PM EST). When he phoned me back I asked him why my nephews were going to bed so early. He told me that the bed time ritual for Alex and Michael (his children) started at 7PM EST and ended around 8:30 and consisted of the following steps:
i) Larry grabbing Michael by the pajama top and pants and throwing him across the room (figuratively speaking) and into a pile of pillows on his bed as Michael yells "TO INFINITY ....AND BEYOND".
ii) Repeat steps i with Alex
iii) 4 bedtime books read by mom
iv) hugs and kisses, and goodnight

It was the infinity and beyone step that his kids will remember!