To blog or not to blog: Top 3 reasons to write a blog

1) So I can hear what people think about my thoughts and writings
2) So I create a safe record of the morsels that run through my brain
3) So I can understand the movement and experience of blgging

The question of writing online and the underlying motivations is one that I've been doing a lot of thinking about lately. Judy's Book-- my local search company -- -- asks users to enter information about their favorite service providers. It also asks people to create people with whom they'd like to share these reviews. This is a high level of interactivity to ask for from users -- no doubt! And yet, it's not much different from writing a blog. I was intrigued with blogging before Judy's Book. Now, I'm intrigued all the more. The fact that my company taps into some of the same motivations and behaviour hopefully is a good thing. I believe there's similarity between one's activity online blogging and a users activity online at Judy's Book-- and with time, I suspect there'll be more similarity.

Blogging has me intrigued. I never truly kept a diary before and now I'm getting pretty regular about writing. What's this all about? What motivates people to write on sites like Amazon reviews, epinions etc. What are your top reasons for writing a blog?