Why didn't Edwards go for the throat

Why didn't John Edwards verbally TKO Dick Cheney I'll never know. There were countless missed opportunities for Edwards to inform the American public about the kind of leadership that is being provided by this administration -- and he missed many of them. The most obvious opportunity for me came when the journalist asked whether Edwards had the experience to be a heart beat away from the presidency. Edwards should have answered the question with --

* it doesn't take experience to know that Iraq is a modern day Vietnam,
* it doesn't take experience to know that our country is less safe today than it was before the Iraq war,
* it doesn't take experience to know that we've squandered the support of the world with our misguided war in Iraq,

It only takes common sense and basic ethics and while this administration which has lots of experience the administration seems to be lacking in both of these critical elements. Now he didn't have to use my words -- but you get the idea behind my post -- Edwards should have and could have really taken a leap forward if he had been more forceful in his attack in the current administrations behaviour instead of sticking with his positive campaigning theory. Doesn't he realize that negative campaigning has its place in today's campaign?!