When RevenueLoan is important?

I'm personally on a mission to help entrepreneurs build their businesses and be successful.  For me that means a couple of important things:

  • Stage appropriate funding
  • Mentorship
  • GFA - Get fucking aggressive

Over the past 2 years that I've been investing as part of the superangel fund in Seattle Founder's Co-op, I have seen that there are lots of opportunities where our operational expertise and desire to build real businesses makes a ton of sense to invest as an early stage equity investor.  However, I'ves een lots of opportunities where good companies and good entrepreneurs are in situations where $250K  (we do deals up to 500K and in special circumstances might even consider more) makes a LOT of difference and these entrepreneurs have no real source for cash. RevenueLoan was created to address these situations. Situations like the following:

  • Working capital because growth is happening faster than projected
  • Marketing dollars to open a new market for an already successful product
  • A cash cushion that allows an entrepreneur to make operational decisions that are in the right long term interest of the business but might have adverse cash consequences in the short run: like changes to pricing
  • Capital into the business when the cap table is delicate or not at a point where making drastic changes to the cap table is advantageous to the entrepreneur
  • To purchase key assets necessary to or increase revenue (we've looked at funding small acquisitions)