Saying not selected to TechStars applicants is hard(er) than I thought

Yesterday, we sent out 375+ not selected notices.  It happened with the push of a button. I wasn't prepared for the amount of email from aspiring entrepreneurs who really want to attend the program. Emotionally it was harder than I expected. 

I wish that all the responses could have been more personal and customized. But sheer volume wouldn't allow it.  So for all of you who took the time to apply -- I encourage you to keep going.  Build your businesses -- and if applying again makes sense. Definitely apply to TechStars again. 

Entrepreneurship is about persevering and proving to others and oneself that you can build a profitable business -- so persevere.  The TechStars team strives to be helpful whenever we can -- our door is open. 

For those of you -- about 30 companies that were selected as finalists. Congratulations!  Now is the time to lift your game and prove that you belong in the final 10. We'll be making final selections between now and July 7 -- make sure you lift your game up, you've got a 1 in 3 shot of getting in.