What's a blog?

We had friends in from out of town this weekend. They are a nice couple in their late 30's. The man is a real estate developer and the woman works for a non-profit. THey had heard about blogs but had never read any. I found myself explaining things I take for granted at this point:

  • what is a blog,
  • why people blog,
  • why I blog
  • how to find blogs you like

A few things surprised me:

  • I found myself saying that I get about 75% of my news from blogs. That after reading google news and CNN, I turn to my favorite 20 blogs for interesting reading each day. It's part of my ritual. They (and I) were surprised by this statement.
  • My answer to how to find a blog was -- Finding a blog you like is like finding a book you like....except it keeps living. I told them to check out technorati (which they hadn't heard of)
  • Talking to novices is fun