What I would splurge on this year to improve my future?

This question was presented to me by Typepad -- the blog platform that I'm still using even though I know I should switch to wordpress.

I'm playing with the Typepad new user interface and one of the things they offer is a question of the day to inspire a post. These questions are sponsored and have a built in link in them (i've include the exact text below):

"What's something you would splurge on this year to improve your future?

Presented by Intel, Sponsors of Tomorrow."

Pretty crafty SEO and monetization strategy -- nice job guys.  Anyway -- I digress. Back to the question of the day - things I'd splurge on:

  • More time -- If there was a way to buy more time I would buy it.
  • 4 romantic weekends (1 per quarter) with my wife: I'd go to London, Hawaii, Saigon, and Santiago. Oh -- and I'd teleport myself there rather than take the flights.
  • I'd get a personal trainer 3 x per week
  • I'd get a personal chef and shopper too. They would fold laundry when not making me tasty salads for dinner. 
  • I'd go to the magic house outside of LA with my son and I'd go to the best waterpark in the country wth my daughter (I believe it's in AZ).
  • I'd buy a convertible lexus
  • I'd buy health care for the US -- and introduce medical mal practice reform.
  • I'd buy peace of mind.