What 3 things would you tell your teen self?

If you could travel back in time and meet yourself as a teenager, what three things would you tell yourself?

Submitted by Digital Scrapbooking.

 This is another "question of the day" from Typepad....and I've left the opening sentence that Typepad submits automatically on your behalf so you all can see it -- simple, smart, and effective!

My answer....I'd tell my teen self the following:

  1. Have more sex....but that likely goes without saying. Most everyone will write that answer.  More specifically, be sure to follow through on potential relationships or opportunities to kiss Diane MacDonald, Judith Goldman, Justin Hodiak, Alice Tasman and probably 20 or more others.  If anyone reads this and wonders why they're not listed in name-- please email me and I'll add you :-)
  2. Finish your computer science degree -- I entered Brown Univ as a CS major and came out a religious studies major. I never finished my cs studies....and then I went to MIT and had a second opportunity to compele the degree and decided just to do an MBA. I would have liked to have finished the degree. 
  3. Buy lots of domain names -- In 1994, there's going to be this thing called the internet -- buy lots of domains. It still blows me away that I started an internet company in 1994 and don't own 1000 or more domains!