Using fortune cookies to woo investors

I received this photo as part of an email from an entrepreneur pitching me for investment.  Below are the contents of the email. Fortune_cookie

"I hope your 2010 is off to a great start! I had Chinese for lunch today -- they accidentally gave me the fortune cookie intended for you (photo attached).

Do you have time to catch up in the next couple weeks?"

He accomplished a number of things with this simple email:

  1. He made me smile
  2. He demonstrated that he knows how to stand out from the crowd of normal investment inquiries. I'm assuming he can use this same skill with customers. 
  3. From an emotional perspective, he is someone that I would likely enjoy working with and supporting.  A big part of early stage investing is connecting emotionally. 

NOTE: Please don't misinterpret this post and start sending me fortune cookies to my office. I actually don't like them. Theo's chocolates are great but I'll likely be on a diet and won't be able to eat them.