Time as the enemy

I wrote yesterday about time being the enemy....people want to know why?
It's simple.  Judy's Book is onto a new evolution of its business.  I'm feeling good about what we're doing but we've got to move faster. I think there's a real opportunity to grow a business in the local shopping space and we're very well positioned to execute on the opportunity ....we just need to move more quickly on that opportunity. More product evolution, more consumers, more traffic, more revenue....yesterday.
There's a second reason time is the enemy. As a company that is evolving it's business model fairly significantly and approaching it's 3rd birthday, there's an even greater sense of urgency to get it right and make substantial progress quickly.  Everyone's patience (including mine) for getting it right is that much thinner than when you just start out -- that's just a reality that I deal with each day and in that way, time is the enemy. 

I want to be clear -- my post about time was not as some reader has suggested that we are running out of cash (we've got plenty of runway thankyou) or out of business.