The towel rack in software

I moved into my remodeled house on Friday and today. The process will likely continue through next week. It's funny how everything at the house project has become a model for everything at work.  I was talking to one of the developers today about our holiday free shipping guide that we published last week ...and in the haste to get it out in the market, we ended up created a bit of a downstream nightmare for ourselves in terms of data management and changes to the content. I told the developer it was a bit like the towel rack at my house -- the contracted rushed to get them hung so we could move in on Friday. It turns out that many of the towel racks are uneven -- ahh, the wonders of a level -- and now, the contractor needs to go back and fix them all, plug the plaster, and paint the wall again. Kind of a nightmare. So be careful in building a house and publishing pages on the web -- haste makes waste...even if  you hit the deadline, you may ultimately cause yourself more pain if you don't take the quality process steps necessary for a level page (you get the idea).