My dad fractured his back

me: you are up...

  It goes pretty well

Friend: that's awesome. i can't wait to see the house

me: I got some bad news dad fractured his back....kind of freaked me out

Friend: andy, that sucks. is he ok? are you ok?

me: he isn't so good. I'm ok…it's a stupid story

Friend: what happened?

me: he was with my brothers kids (his grandsons) and was out walking in the woods  Alex age 4.5 climbed a rock and got his foot stuck ....rather than let his brother help him, my dad decided to climb up about 4 ft to help him he got Alex out no problem but then couldn't figure out a way down himself because he isn't the most limber guy so he decided to jump of the rock backwards.

Friend: oh no

me: He landed on his feet lost his balance and fell backward on a rock

Friend: that is terrible holy shit that sounds painful. kids must have freaked out

me: he's laying there in the woods screaming with a 7 and 4.5 year old and no one else is nearby yep kids freaked

me: so what's my dad do? He has a cell phone and doesn't call anyone

Friend: what??

me: He lays there screaming....and then somehow gets up ....walks to the car (5 mins) and drives himself home

Friend: holy fucking shit

me: yea. that's what I said. I'm kind of in shock a bit.

Can't sleep

Friend: when did this happen?

me: this afternoon

Friend: did your dad call 911 (eventually?)

me: no

He's a doctor...called his partner who came to the house…took some percocets could of been a lot worse

weird story huh

how's your weekend?

Friend: andy, this is one thing I've learned. it can always be worse always ha. nothing as crazy as that.