The Rodriguez family dynasty in boston: 2 acquisitions, 1 family, 1 month

One of my partners at abuzz recently sold his recent venture to Hitachi ventures for a cool $120,000,000.  Read about it here.  I knew at the time that Andres was a super talented guy and now he's gone out and proven it big time. Way to go Andres -- my only question for you is not how you did it but in g-ds name did I not participate in the A round of financing on this deal!
Then just this past week I was reading techcrunch and read this post about tabblo being acquired by HP. At first I wasn't sure whether this was Antonio's photo company or not but -- I followed the links and sure enough was. Truly impressive guys -- 2 companies sold to massive companies that begin with the letter H in one month. My hats off to you and the beginnings of a true Boston dynasty. Hope I can celebrate with you soon.