The green survivor -- A new Reality TV program

This post was originally titled Environmental despair or not.... but when I came up with the idea for a reality tv show on solving the environmental crisis for the globe I figured it I'd change the name of the program.

I was reading Ryan McInteries blog post about the movie an Inconvenient Truth. and it raised the question for me -- which is a bit descartean in nature -- to have despair about the environmental situation or not. Ryan's post is good. He talks about the little actions that one can take to help the situation. Like him, I'm a card carrying progressive lefty. I own a Toyota Camry Hybrid which I love. I seriously am thinking about buying solar power for my remodelled house. But I feel like I am sitting on a serious fence of despair about this topic.  If I'm not careful -- or even if I am -- I feel quite pessimistic about this topic because of posts like Fred Wilson's dad on the topic.  I'm curious about when we're going to have a reality TV show about really solving the environment issues in this country.  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a million dollars given to the person who comes up wit hthe simple consumer idea that gets us to cut greenhouse gases and this was broadcast by Simon Cowell or MTV?