Alternate endings to soccer games

I've found myself more interested in the world cup than I would have expected. My only complaint is the way games end when there's a tie. I think penalty shots is a lousy way to end a tie game in soccer (and hockey for that matter).

It seems like an arbitrary way of determining the best team.

I think they should come up with an alternate ending like:

  1. Reducing the number of players on the field by 2 players every minutes of OT play. First goal wins.
  2. Take all regular players off the field and requre alternates only to play. Limit numbers on the field to 6.
  3. Put a larger goal in for OT so people can shoot from further out. First goal wins.

I'm not sure any of these are practical solutions but the problem of how to effectively end a soccer match seems like one that people should be talking about as much if not more than how to effectively ref a soccer match (which seems to be getting lots of talk).