The entrepreneur's roller coaster

Date: 7/9/04
Woke up at 3AM -- not sure why I can't sleep. I didn't have any coffee last night. I live in Seattle and don't drink coffee. Kind of an oxymoron. I guess it must be start-up stress. Tonight I'm worried our product doesn't provide consumers with enough of a reason to come back regularly. Blogging is best when it becomes habitual ....I'd like to see Judy's Book move from it's occasional utilitarian value to the regular habit. The concern I have is -- how frequently will people actually wake up and look for a local service provider? If we're lucky that's once a month -- and then if you take that number and slice it by the number of people that think to use Judy's Book. Well, then....that's my concern this dark 3AM. I'm clearly in start-up mode. Working hard. Not sure if any of it will work.