The parallels between a start up and a new born baby

I got his update from one of the CEOs we're invested in. I thought I'd share it with all of you. e

It is always funny to me that in the startup world we have a tendency to measure our success and our failure by the minute.  It's a bit like being a parent of a newborn when every smile, coo, and dirty diaper are analyzed, studied, read into and the news of each is distributed to any friend or family member who will pretend to care.  I recall sitting next to my perfectly healthy daughter's crib for hours listening to ensure she was still breathing and then turning around and blogging about it ("Stayed alive through the night!  Success!").  Now that she's twelve all I have to do is log into Facebook to find out what she's up and and to make sure she's still breathing (there's a bit more to this whole parenting thing, but you get the analogy).  

I fully understand that success will be measured by what this company becomes three to five years from now, but that won't stop me from acting the paranoid parent for now and assessing and analyzing everything our little company does in these early stages.  And it is in that spirit that it drives me crazy that we appear to be about a month behind plan.  That "plan" was by no means scientific but it is a benchmark that we have and will continue to hold ourselves up against.  So we will fight like hell to get that month back, but a month behind is where we are at this point.