Survive medical school and earn a tequila shot

My wife, Alexa, started medical training in 1992 as a post-bac at Harvard extension school. After finishing an undergraduate degree in Psychology, she needed to go back and take the pre-requisites for medical school.
Hear ye, hear ye - she finishes her residency this month. Last night, we through her a surprise party and I took a tequila shot or two. It's been a hard, grueling and long ride. I'm proud of my wife ....and I.  My wife seems to have found her passion and niche in life : as a psychoanalyst.  I'm super grateful for that.  I'm even more grateful that this whole 16 year medical training thing has (is) coming to an end!  Tequila shots for all those finishing medical school and medical training; they help wash down the memory of the process :-)