Lunch with a younger generation: I'm buying

I had lunch yesterday with a junior in college. The student, named Jeff Widmer, is an impressive, thoughtful young guy trying to figure out his path in life. He's taken it upon himself to contact people older than him and ask them to lunch and listen to see what he can learn. It's a simple gesture -- and not many people do, which makes it incredibly effective.
I've decided to follow Jeff's lead. I'd like to talk to more recent graduates: so if you are reading this post, live in or travel to Seattle, are in your twenties, and want a free lunch, I'd like to treat you the first 5 people to respond to this post to a free lunch. I promise not to bore you. I'm interested in learning your perspective on life, politics, technology, relationships, etc.  After I do the 20 something generation, I'll probably turn to some people in a later stage of life.  I'm looking forward to it!