Senator Edwards at Gnomedex

Was at the seattle blog event on Friday and part of Saturday. Overall, enjoyed the event.  Senator Edwards was the key note speaker. I thought it was pretty smart of him to make an appearance. Show's someone on his staff is paying attention and thinking about influence in the future.  There were three noteable parts to his speech:

  1. Someone asked him if he could tell himself whether or not he was giving an honest answer and being a "human" being versus a plastic politicican talking in soundbites. Senator Edwards said he could tell the difference. But noted that it was hard not to fall into the land of automaton when reporters are coming at you with cameras rolling and they're asking questions and you know that if you aren't careful you'll be misquoted etc.  I thought it was an interesting glimpse into the life of the politician in 2006.
  2. Someone asked him why the democrats don't have any balls.  The senator then positioned himself as one of those democrats that isn't wish washy, miely mouthed.  Good positioning.
  3. Someone suggested that Edwards grant 1 democrat and 1 republican blogger complete access to his campaign bus. Good idea!

BTW, Edwards is better looking in person than on tv....