Reading blogs

As part of my return to writing my blog, I've stepped up the time I use to reading blogs.    I'm really impressed with what people are putting into their publications.   

This morning I read the NYT and then read about 6 bloggers last 3 posts via feed....I gotta say that the posts from the bloggers are more relevant to my life and thoughts than the NYT by far. It makes total sense (narrow casting) but nonetheless, today, I'm a bit in awe of the phenomena.

Stuff I learned about today on the blogosphere:
i) Market timing of start ups - Niel Robertson's blog
ii) How to package a board presentation -- Brad Feld's blog
iii) Dissaggregated media -- Fred Wilson's blog
iv) Agenda setting -- Seth Godin's blog
v) The suit between googla and kinderstart -- John Battelle's blog
vi) Email conversion rate tips -- Chris Baggot's blog