One thing that makes blogging great

This blog post is dedicated to Nicholas.

I graduated from Brown in 1990 and have had varying levels of success over the past 17 years keeping in touch with friends from that time (it's true it was the best 4 years of my life).   I've managed to establish a regular ski trip with 4 other friends (Mark, Jay, Andrew, Rufus), I've managed to start a business or two with one friend from school (Shaun), I talk regularly to one friend (Jon), but there are a handful of friends who I inevitably lost touch with after Brown. Try as I might to write or call to continue a relationship with these guys, I was unsuccessful.

Well, one of these 'lost' friends recently has been reading my blog and periodically leaves me comments. I have to say that it makes my day each time he, we're not hanging out at Louies', smoking cigs at the echo chamber, or playing drums with dung beetle.  I've always been a Nicholas B fan ....always thought he was a good friend just never could figure out a way to keep our relationship up. Blogging -- unintentionally, has provided me with the perfect vehicle.

So, I'll keep writing for you Nicholas and I want to encourage all me old friends to comment on my blog or email me.