Lakeside Students Participate in Microinternship at Techstars

On Saturday, Techstars hosted a dozen Lakeside School students for our second annual "Microinternship". The Microinternship is basically a crash course in entrepreneurship for High Schoolers. The students come to the Techstars office and work with our companies for a day. They get to do all sorts of really cool tasks ranging from writing actual production code to formulating gorilla marketing campaigns. 

Most of the Techstars companies participate -- a couple did not because it was scheduled for a Saturday. The companies put together wonderful projects for the kids that benefited both the students and the companies. One girl even got an internship after only one day on the job! 

It is worth pointing out that most companies who participated in the Microinternship are not making kid-focussed products, but they all got to hear the students retell their stories. This enabled the entrepreneurs to understand how those with zero knowledge of their product take in their companies' messaging; an invaluable experience for the companies and the students! 

A big thank you to the entrepreneurs who participated, as well as the students, the teachers over at Lakeside who helped organize the event, and the Techstars staff who ran the show. It was a great event and I look forward to next year!


Also: Techstars Seattle Demo Day on Oct. 24th! Register here: 

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