Awesome post from a Lakeside Student about Microinternship

Below is a post from Genevieve Payzer, a Lakeside student who participated in the Microinternship as Sparktred's VP of Marketing. Great to see what little entrepreneurs have to say! 

Coming into today, I had little to no understanding of what being in a startup means. When you walk into the TechStars office, the vibe is relaxed; the tables are littered with snacks, and balloons lie on the floor. It’s a comfortable level of messy that reminds you people here are having fun. Yet, there’s the shocking statistic that 90% of startups don’t make it past a year. TechStars is a startup accelerator, but even with TechStars help, all these companies have to exhibit extraordinary determination to be part of that 10%. Each student was matched with a startup and I was matched with Sparktrend, my first choice. Sparktrend is a new application that allows you to shop online and on your phone. I chose Sparktrend because of the potential marketing value I believe they possess after reading their product summary and hearing them pitch their idea. Today, as one of the Sparktrend interns, I learned the basis of product design and pitching a product. We spent a few hours and still only made it through two iterations of design and crafting our product pitch. I have a new appreciation for all these entrepreneurs.

As the VP of marketing, this is what I think Sparktrend is…

With Sparktrend, you find clothes you dream of. Have fun while we find you the trendiest products that match your style and what you want. This can all be done from your phone or computer so share what you find with this new way to shop!

Signing out,

Genevieve Payzer

Techstars Seattle Demo Day: