Jackson Hole in January 2007

Jackson Hole at -22, originally uploaded by a sack of seattle.

Another photo to share ....MLK weekend was my annual college ski weekend.  We went to Jackson Hole for the first time.  A few comments about Jackson Hole and this trip:

  • Jackson Hole is a really cute town that's a pain in the ass to get to.
  • At -22 degrees, it's too friggin cold to ski.
  • This mountain is for experts. There's no easy way to get down the mountain.
  • This was our 6th trip -- always a fun time. It's interesting to see how the conversations change as time marches on....lots more talk about spouses and families than before. Middle age is here!

Looking forward to next year -- we're either going to return to Alta/Snowbird or go to Aspen. Remains to be seen. Look forward to it!