I've been tagged....five things you don't know about me

  1. My first business was selling bubble yum in 5th grade for $0.25 per piece. A pack cost $0.25. I got called to the principal office.
  2. In an alternate life, I wish I were a professional basketball player and given that there's no Jewish basketball players since Ernie d....I wish I were a radio host -- yes, I know -- I'll start podcasting.
  3. I have recently become quite the fan of Texas Holdem poker and the UFC -- In fact, I think High Stakes Poker is one of the best t.v. shows out there.
  4. I hate meat loaf but love a good NY Sirloin ....almost as much as I love my spicy tuna rolls.
  5. My favorite summer was the summer of '87 when I biked across the country (from SF to Seattle to Providence, RI) with 3 college friends.

How's that?