In defense of Ignition Partners

This is a comment I wrote on Tech Flash in response to the recent Ignition bashing (be sure to read the comments section to get the full discussion)

I've actually worked with Ignition Partners and lost some of their money when I wasn't able to get Judy's Book to a successful exit. Moreover, I haven't had any business relationship with the firm for the past year.

I tell you this so you have context for my comments.

I wrote my post about "Do VCs suck" in part because of the negative comments about venture capitalists (and Ignition in particular) on this board.

I encourage people to read that article -- and to give this firm (i.e. these guys) a break.

  • Yes -- they're venture capitalists.
  • Yes that means they have companies that don't make and entrepreneurs that they say "no" to.
  • Yes -- they've human and make mistakes (entellium).

But I have to say, you learn a lot about a firm when you see how they deal with things not going according to plan (i.e. something other than success). In my experience over 3 plus years, they're smart, well meaning professionals with a lot of value add.

In general, I recommend these guys. I would work with them again. They have operational expertise, know-how and relationships that are of tangible value.

If you're an entrepreneur and want an informed opinion of this firm -- contact me.

One last thing -- I think the anonymous flame throwing posts on this board (i.e. Tech Flash) are crap. If you've got something negative to say -- put your name on it and stand behind it.

I'm a huge fan of UGC, but it needs to be managed and constructive and right now this board's tone and value add to the community sucks.