Hillary Clinton's speech breaks records

I thought Hillary's speech on Saturday was awesome, historic, and moving. The speech was incredibly well written, had the right message and was delivered in the right tone. If the person who delivered that speech on Saturday had been the same one to campaign over the past 6 months, I believe she would have beaten Barack Obama.  I've been frustrated over the last 90 plus days as the math proved that Hillary couldn't win and yet she insisted on continuing to run for President. On Saturday, I forgave her. She didn't apologize explicitly. Rather, she gave such a moving uplifting speech filled with the passion and commitment that she embodies -- and I forgave her for her missteps, dirty politics, and egotistical actions. It's an awesome moment in America that a woman got as close the oval office as Hillary did!  It is remarkable and you should listen to the speech on Youtube here.