Don't start a company in the local online space

I continue to get emailed and calls from entrepreneurs who see gold in the online local space. My advice to them is similar to the advice my dad gave me about going to medical school and becoming a doctor. Don't do it! He told me there are easier ways to make money and there are easier ways to care for people. He gave me that advice because he wanted to force me to think carefully about what my decision process.
Unfortunately he wasn't there to give me the same advice about starting a company in the local online space.  So I thought I'd pick up where he left off and take his place for all those internet entrepreneurs who think they can tap into the 90% of purchases that happen locally.  I believe in the market -- and think established companies will one day have huge local online businesses. Existing companies should absolutely be incrementing their way to satisfy the consumer need for local online resources. But start-ups should view this market place with caution and trepidation. It's quick sand.  It's a slog! There are easier ways to make money!   If you contact me and ask advice about your local online start up, that's what I'll tell you.