Greg Sterling is in the house

In my talk about analysts, I can't omit Greg Sterling. I read Greg's post today about his claiming of the phrase "the church of local search". Well if he's going to claim that phrase,  I'm going to nominate Greg as the rabbi of local search. It's more appropriate than either the pope or the minister of local search. What do you say Greg?

Greg is a great analyst who I had the pleasure of meeting 2+ years ago at the start of Judy's Book . We had a few things in common: a passion for local search, bagels and lox, and democrats.  In fact, I'll never forget seeing Greg at the Kelsey show the day after Bush won the second term. A ver depressing day indeed. We exchanged condolences.

Since that time greg has moved on from the Kelsey Group and show, and is now out on his own. A tough move for any analyst. Greg does great work, is a great guy, and knows a thing or two about local search. Keep up the good work, rabbi.