Great first event at Code Fellows last night -- some tactical and strategic lessons learned

It's been a whirlwind 2 weeks since the first public launch of Code Fellows on Jan 2, 2013.  Last night, we had a great job learning event called "How to get an awesome job at a Seattle startup?" -- the event was aimed at high growth early stage technology companies with a focus on engineering and design candidates. 

Overall the event was really good.  Feedback was positive from both the companies attending and from candidates.  We had over 100 candidates there and 10 recruiting companies in attendance. We learned a lot -- and it's funny the kind of lessons one learns when you launch stuff like this. 

A lot of the lessons are tactical and trivial. For example, big tactical lessons were lighting for our CTO panel was terrible.  Also -- there was a tv on behind the panel that was super distracting to the audience. These lessons came from simple feedback from the attendees.  This feedback is great -- and critical to us doing a better job next time. 

The more valuable feedback was :

* The fact that we were able to pull this event off as successfully as did is a tribute to market validation that we're onto something.  In many ways, this first event was our MVP and we wanted to see if we could event get attendees -- we actually had a waitlist to attend the event and we soldout the company spots!  

* Lots to do as we prepare for the first class of Code Fellows which we will be sold out as well.   

Onward and upward.