golds gym customer service continues to suck

For those of you that remember my gold's gym customer service fiasco from a few years ago-- here's an update. I received a blog comment today with the advice "read the contract". It was a atandard cut and paste comment aime I assume at attempting to address the negative word of mouth that golds gym gets online. The email never said -- I'm sorrt you had a lousy experience-- we've changed and hope you'll try us again. That's all they need to say to get a second chance with me.
I wrote back to the email address on the log comment:
Reading the contract is good advice.

My advice to you is to do the same and take accountability for shitty customer service.

I'm not an ignorant or dumb customer. I have a graduate degree. I understand your desire to influence customer perception on blogs....but the best thing I can tell uyou is that in your processes of acquisition and employee trainoing you fail miserably.

Your email only serves to remind me of a horrendous customer service experience. One of the worst Ive ever had with a company (including the airline industry).

Customervice service rule.number 1 - the customer is right. Try saying sorry next time!