Feedback on Founders Co-op

I'm on the plane heading back from San Francisco. I had a number of good meetings with bay area venture capitalists. The two meetings that stood out were with David Sze of Greylock capital and with Stuart Davidson of Labrador Ventures.
Some feedback that has me thinking is to beware of funding just small ideas that only need small amounts of capital. While I know we don't have this problem with our current portfolio (both Cooler Planet and Orange Line Media are going to be very successful companies in my opinion), it's good advice. So, if you're an entrepreneur and applying to Founders Co-op be sure to tell us both how you're going to get your first 10 thousand in revenue as well as your first 10 million in profit. Well, hop[efully, you know what I mean.

By the way, sorry if this post is short or hard to understand. Writing posts on the plane on a blackberry is a little tricky.