Founder's Co-op early missteps

I think we've gotten a number of things directionally right with Founder's Co-op. And we've also made a number of mistakes. My partner, Chris Devore, outlines more eloquently than I the issue that arose between us and Y-combinator surrounding our applications tab at Founder's Co-op.  You can read his post here.  This is just one of our early missteps.  There have been many -- and I have to say -- while some of these missteps sting (like this one) -- Overall, I'm celebrating these mistakes. It's only when you take risk and put yourself out there as an entrepreneur and as a new start up that you start to make mistakes and to define yourself.   Founder's Co-op is a start up like the companies that we fund. We are making it up as we go and having fun. I also apologize to the folks at y-combinator -- we love what you're doing, how you're thinking about the world, and see ourselves as complimentary and not competitive. We look forward to having coffee with you when you come to Seattle.