First women-only Code Fellows bootcamp this summer


This has been a big week for Code Fellows!

We announced that we are holding Code Fellow’s first women-only course this summer! The bootcamp is design to help create a learning environment that appeals to women to help narrow the gender gap in tech jobs. We want to see more women in tech, period. There is no doubt this is a field dominated by men, and we want to help change that by training more women to take up the coding trade. This will be a course designed for women-only and run from July 8-28, 2013 for the introductory course and August 5-23, 2013 for the more advanced bootcamp.

Below is some media coverage on the women-only bootcamp that we received this week:

GeekWire - "Attention lady hackers: Code Fellows debuts women-only bootcamp, guarantees $60K salary"

TechFlash / PSBJ - "Is Seattle becoming the place for women who code? CodeFellows says yes"

The Daily Journal of Commerce - "Bootcamp for women to learn coding skills"

I’m also excited to tell you all that we kicked off our 2nd bootcamp; we have a bunch of fresh faces that are participating in the Ruby on Rails Silver beginner’s course. This is a 4-week course, followed by the Ruby on Rails Gold course for intermediate students. We made some changes from our first class, and have decided to run this second rails course with a Silver and Gold model breaking up the classes by skill level. I’m excited to see how this class goes.... and grows. Developing more great engineers every day!