Business therapy

My partner and I have hired a business therapist to "consult" for us. The therapists job is to help my partner and I communicate better and as a result, make better decisions with fewew unintended consequences. I've learned over the years in my various companies that internal conflict is the largest source of stress, distraction and ultimately failure for small start-up businesses. We've been working with this consultant for a few months now and already have found it to be effective and practical.

I arrived at the idea of using a business therapist after my first venture failed because of personal issues between my partner and I. Since that time, I often have used a business therapist. I used a business therapist thoughout my time at abuzz and found it very valuable. The therapist helped my two partners and I navigate the terrain of high tech start up in 1996. The person was a good reminder that a start-ups battle should be external on the marketplace -- and not internal focussed on each other.