Apple retail store experience amazes

I went to the Apple store yesterday. I was truly impressed. As I was leaving the store, I saw one of the employees there approach a customer leaving at the same time. The employee said, "excuse Mam, I'm one of the managers here and I noticed that you were waiting for a long time. I wanted to make sure that you were satisfied with your experience and that there was nothing else we could do for you. " Basically the manager had noticed that this customer might be upset (turned out she was not) and the manager wanted to make sure that this customer did not leave the store with a strong negative consumer experience.
It's hard to appreciate this moment in a blog -- but  I was blown away by this moment of awesome customer service.  Why was I blown away?

  • First, in a land of shitty customer service, this manager had one eye and was king. It was a simple action that communicated a lot about how much Apple the company cares for the customer.
  • Second, I was impressed by the motivation of the individual manager who made this action -- he wasn't getting paid or compensated for going out of his way that much.
  • Third, the action totally avoids negative word of mouth and turns a possible negative into a postive experience.
  • Lastly, the action has network affects on others -- I just overheard the conversation and am now dedicating an entire blog entry to the topic!