win-win vs win-lose?

There's a lot of business books and traditional business mythology around creating win-win situations. Frankly, I believe in that approach myself and generally take the long view on my work relationships. However, the world is filled with assholes -- and business in particular, seems to give people the license to be even an asshole. One observation that I'd make is that when you take a person who is playing win-win and put them in negotiation with someone committed to a win-lose philosophy --the win-lose operandi wins in the short run much more often than the win-win.
ok -- sorry --that's a mouthful and confusing.
There are times -- when win-win meets win-lose -- and the management team needs to man up (or woman up) and tell the other side that you won't be pushed any further. It's important to draw clear lines of battle in language that the person playing win-lose understands around whatever issue you're facing. The argument doesn't have to result in fisticuffs or a loud argument -- in fact much better if you remain calm and CLEAR -- it's just a matter of drawing a line and not budging any further.