Who knew that ping pong balls were the best schwag?

I've long been interested in schwag.  Below are three photos of schwag from a recent event I went to.  Uniqueness and food are the winners when it comes to schwag.  I'd choose the ping pong balls but you got hand it to Liquid Planner candy bar folks (below)

I forget whose t-shirts these are....and you can't read the name so I'm not sure how useful they are as schwag. 

2013-01-16 16.46.21
White Pages in Seattle produced this ingenous schwag and associated it with the company ping pong tournement (a good recruiting tool). 

2013-01-16 16.46.08

Liquid Planner used the tried and true M&M and pen combo. Not very creative but effective!

2013-01-16 17.35.16