What's been easy at Judy's Book

The Judy's Book story and the momentum of local in the marketplace have been a great combination. We've been featured in great national (NYT, Business week) and local (Seattle times, etc) publications, without much effort.

Offers & Discounts
I shouldn't be but I am somewhat surprised by how voracious people (specifically our customer base) are to get free stuff and to save money.  Consumers will do a *LOT* of work to get a deal (esp. something free).  Moreover, the offers are smoewhat viral – at least within a certain demographic

Questions & Answers & Community

People love to ask & answer questions on topics they care about. The community features on Judy's Book seem to work really well. 

Status & Validation

Member scores/rankings + earning points through chat (via comments).  Once again, we are a competitive and numbers orientated culture and it shows with the ranking of leaderboards, trust score, and personal validation.